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Interdisciplinary and Joint Degree Programs

For more information on the graduate program in Biology, visit our page on the Application Process.

Interdisciplinary and Joint Degree Programs

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

This interdisciplinary program allows Biology graduate students to explore and join labs at the forefront of molecular and cellular neuroscience research. This includes labs in the Biology Department as well as additional labs doing cutting-edge neuroscience research at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, and the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Learn more

Joint MD/PhD Program

The joint MD/PhD program is designed for students interested in pursuing training in both medicine and research. Typically, our students pursue their MD at Harvard Medical School; however, we welcome applicants from other programs. Students apply for the PhD program in the fall of their second year of medical school and spend an average of eight years completing both programs. To apply, use the Biology PhD online netbet online sports bettingapplication and observe the same deadlines. Harvard HST MD/PhD applicants identify a research group prior to applying, and should include a letter from their prospective advisor. Harvard Pathways applicants should describe any steps they have taken to identify a possible thesis laboratory in our program.

Biophysics Certificate Program

Students pursuing a PhD in Biology can simultaneously earn a certificate in biophysics by completing a distribution of coursework. The MIT Biophysics community hosts regular seminars and an annual retreat that brings together students, postdocs and faculty who share common scientific interests.

Joint Program with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The joint MIT/WHOI program has a separate application process that can be completed online. To be considered for the Biology graduate program independently of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program, you should complete both online applications. Please note that this program has different application deadlines.

Explore the Application Process